Fuel probe

Fuel probe

For the exact measurement of fueling, consumption and rapid loss we produce a probe that its concept is based on probe fitted into vehicles in the primary production. Structurally we made modifications so that the measurement accuracy is greater and correspond the resolution of data messages to the CAN bus. Even while mixing different fuels (diesel, bio-diesel) it provides long-term stability and constant measurement result. Our fuel probe is maintenance-free and mechanically very resistant.

We supply either fully assembled or as individual components:

  • flange
  • cap
  • cable gland
  • float ring
  • tube
  • electronic circuit board
  • All together, the probe was tested by a pressure test TÜV No.61148-05

Of these parts a manufacturer authorized technician assembles the desired length of the probe for the appropriate tank at the installation site.

Probe output figure is the value per cent of fuel in the tank (resolution 0.4%, according to SAE J1939 specification) or value in liters and varies according to the movement of the floating ring which follows the fuel level.

Technical product specifications

Power supply: 8 - 37V DC
Operating temperature: -25°C – +70°C
Current draw: ~15 mA


Probe installation procedure

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