History of InfoBoardRecorder®

Development of an automatic recording unit began on the requirements and expectations of customers mainly in the field of construction machines, earth moving machinery and transport companies. Firstly, it was necessary to define their specific requirements and then perform a lot of measurements during the test operation. From the data thus generated, design style was developed as well as its equipments. To cover all requirements, it was necessary to design a unit so that the customer can define process of recording on each individual machinery or vehicle. The unit is universal, but the user can change the control system to achieve maximum integration when deployed into specific operation.


Present status

System InfoBoardRecorder® is compatible with all vehicles or machinery that have data on the CAN bus in format SAE J1939. It is also possible to connect an already installed GPS tracking systems in vehicles or perform basic installation without CAN bus. The Changer unit can e.g. exchange information from the current float in the tank for precise information from external probes without requiring any modifications to your installed solutions. From vehicles we collect information needed not only for the vehicle owner or dispatcher (journey time, fuel consumption ...), but most of all for the driver itself. Through a small display unit in the vehicle (LED display) driver has instant overview of fuel in each tank as well as information on current driving style and engine speed.

For presentation and report samples please refer to www.datazauta.cz

Our experience gained from installing InfoBoardRecorder® clearly prove the rate of return on investment. Keeping track of everything that is happening with fuel in the tank from fueling through its consumption to a possible theft is competitive advantage ...!

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